In the first chapter of Romans Paul proclaims the nations of the world as being spiritually lost despite all their religion.

In the second and third chapters of Romans the apostle places the Jews in the same category all needing a redeemer.

In the fourth and fifth chapters of Romans the Holy Spirit through the apostle proclaims the answer to this dilemma which is justification by faith.  Paul tells us that works cannot attain to salvation.

With salvation being established in the six chapter of Romans the apostle tells the believer how to live for God.  If the believer does not understand the six chapter he simply does not know how to properly live for the Lord.

The seventh chapter of Romans tells us of the believer who tries to live for God without understanding the principles of the sixth chapter of Romans.

In the eighth chapter of Romans we are told what the Holy Spirit can do within our lives once we understand how he works which is found in the sixth chapter.

The ninth 10th and 11th chapters of Romans proclaim a dire warning to the church.  Don’t forsake God’s way of the cross and resort to works or Law.

Chapters 12 through 16 of Romans gives us the practical aspects of Christianity once the believer knows and understands God’s prescribe order of victory.  

As it regards victory over sin Paul takes the believer directly to the cross in Romans 6: 3-4.

Jesus Christ came as our substitute, lived the life, obey the law in every respect, and then went to the cross in order to address the broken law, doing so all for us.  He was our substitute.

When Paul uses the word baptize he’s not speaking of water baptism but rather our being baptized into the death of Christ.  The moment the believing sinner expresses faith in Christ and excepts him as Savior and Lord, in the mind of God that person is crucified with Christ, buried with Christ, and raised with Christ.  That is the manner of salvation and that is also the manner of sanctification.  The sixth chapter of Romans is about sanctification.

This is God’s prescribed order of victory! 

The above was taken from the Expositor’s Word for Every Day, August 23rd pages 529-530.